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15 Feb, 2018

Tips for Packaging when Sending Wine to China

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Just like other countries sending wine to China requires proper coordination and most importantly, the right packaging for the wine. Good packaging prevents the wine bottles from unnecessary damages caused by mishandling and temperature fluctuations. A lot of people underestimate the process of transporting fragile items to other countries; the process is surrounded by rules, custom duties and other taxes as well as making good decisions on packaging, loading and eventual transportation. The good thing about China is that they have numerous regulations governing the type of items that enter the country, their labeling and packaging. It is, therefore, easy for any country or firm sending intoxicant to China to correctly label the ingredients of the wine, its area of origin and use the appropriate packaging. Compliance to the custom regulations is the only way of avoiding unnecessary delays that may shake the trust of the customers for the supplier. The following packaging and transportation tips are helpful for anyone thinking to send gifts to China in the form of wine.

·        Create a checklist of the wine bottles to be packaged: Before packing anything, it is important to know what you want; this mostly applies for people sending vino to China to their friends, colleagues and relatives. The cost of transporting wine bottles is quite high not forgetting their delicate nature. Therefore, check the wines that are highly preferred by the recipients before spending a hefty amount on shipping.

·        Acquire the right supplies for packaging: Most people ignore the instances when wine bottles can break and spill the treasured drink. Therefore, it is essential to avoid such losses by investing in a special wine transportation box. These boxes are readily available in most courier companies. The size of the boxes depends on the number of bottles you intend to ship. These boxes feature Styrofoam dividers that prevent the bumping of the bottles against each other. The boxes are a bit costly but they also ensure the safe arrival of the wine to the recipients. Also, don’t forget to purchase packaging tapes, papers and markers for labeling the package.

·        Ensure that the chosen shipping box can hold the weight of the bottles: Some boxes feel a little flimsy at the bottom; they may therefore not adequately handle the weight. In such instances, it is advisable to add a stiff cardboard at the bottom.

·        If you unable to acquire the shipping box, wrap each bottle separately and place them in the chosen shipping box: The secret is to ensure that the bottles do not hit each other in the course of the transportation.

·        Comply with all the Chinese regulations on Shipping booze to China: The package label should include crucial information such as the ingredients of the wine, its area of origin, warning label and so on. Additionally, pay the required shipping charges and the parcel will be promptly delivered to the recipients.


Sending wine to China shouldn’t be hectic for as long as you have the right packaging and have complied with all the laid out shipping regulations.



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